Elan 999 Flat Snow Skis


Normally: $650.00

Elan 999 Flat Snow Skis
Product Details

The Elan 999 is the perfect choice for experienced freeriders looking to have fun wherever they go. Packed with a bunch of specially-made features such as SST sidewall, Mountain Rocker profile and superlight Channel Wodcore, reinforced with fibreglass, these skis make freeriding fun and rewarding regardless of the snow conditions.


  • SST: Partial Sidewall Technology combines cap construction for lightweight and smooth turning and sidewall construction for power performance with edge grip under foot. Powerfull when needed and playfull when wanted..
  • Channel Woodcore:Superlight core with air channels along the complete laminated woodcore enables lower weight and smoother flex pattern. This unique construction is combined with thin alu profile on Elan's Mountain Series.
  • Mountain Rocker Profile:Moderate tip rocker and lifted rocker tail for better floatation, easier turn initiation and manouvering in varied snow conditions. Combined with slight camber it delivers great turning and stability on groomed slopes.


  • Length (Radius): 175 cm / 21.8 m
  • Geometry: 130 / 98 / 120
  • Binding: Flat
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