GNU Smart Pickle PBTX

GNU Smart Pickle PBTX
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The Human Body Asymmetric. Turn Mechanics for toe and heel side are completely different. The angle of attack you can achieve on a toe side turn is mush steeper than what is possible on your heel side turn because of ankle, knee and hip dynamics. Your toes are like fingers offering much more refined micro managed edge control on a toe side turn. Your heels line up directly under your ankles and legs offering a powerful direct connection to the heel side edge. We have built the Smart Pickle in harmony with nature and around how you activate your snowboard. Think with your Pickle!


  • PBTX: Rocker between your feet combined with flat to mild cambers out to the contact. Easy riding and turning, Great jibbing and epic float in pow.
  • Twin asymetrics All Terrain Freestyle / Freeride Geometries
  • Magne-Traction: "Turns ice into powder" Serrated edges give great edge hold all over the mountain especially on hard pack and blue ice!
  • Core: Polonia, Great Lakes Aspen, Columbian Gold and Rocky Mtn Aspen
  • Double Sintered UHMW Sidewalls: A Lib Tech innovation. Twice as sintered as any other sidewall. Tough, fast, hard, waterproof, handsome and light. NO TOXIC ABS!
  • Sintered Base Material: Eco Sublimation compatible, fast, rugged, maximum wax retention.
  • A.S.S. Tech:Deepter Heel side sidecut. Asym. "Pickle Barrel" Core, Softer Heel Side Flex. Asym. Contact angles, Shorter Heel Side Edge Contact. Asym. Tip and Tai Shapes!
  • ECO Sublimation: Mervin's unique water based graphic process. No toxic solvents or curtain coats used in manufacturing process. If a snowboard has a thick clear glossy on top it was really toxic to make. Lib Tech gives you an environmentally friendly alternative. NO TOXIC SOLVENT BASED INKS OR CLEAR COATS.
  • Power Transfer Internal Sidewalls: The same futuristic power 90? pop technology from our world record setting skateboards and power transfer spines only this time we have placed it along the sidewall of your board to add board control to our sandwich construction. Stronger, more pop, and more control brought to you by our Woodshop!
  • Handcrafted in the USA near Canada!: BITCHIN BOARD BUILDERS We build snowboards. We build snowboards. No really that is what we do. We don't order them from China or anywhere else and send someone to go check and see how they turned out. We physically hand build them right here at home in the USA.
  • Art by Matt French and Tim Karpinski
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