Fischer Women's Soma My Style 8 Snow Ski Boots


Normally: $400.00

Fischer Women's Soma My Style 8 Snow Ski Boots
Product Details

Versatile sport/comfort boot that guarantees warm feet and comes with a full technical package for the woman of today.


  • PROFILED HEEL PLATES: Profiled heel plate for a better grip when walking.
  • HEAT SYSTEM READY: The cuff and boot liner are prepared for heating systems to be added later.
  • LADY SPOILER: Ergonomically shaped, extra low spoiler. Designed especially for women's lower calves. The Spoiler is also designed to integrate a battery pack.
  • RAPID SLIDE SYSTEM: Extremely soft material in the instep section of the shell together with the Seamless Slider ensure a level of comfort that was previously thought to be impossible when putting on boots of this target group.
  • H.I.P.E.: High Insulation PolyEthylene: maximum warmth insulation through the 3-layer principle (mesh, aluminium coating, polyethylene). The material also gives you a more homogeneous fit. Thermoformable boot liner.
  • FUR LINING: Warm fur lining for optimum warmth insulation and comfortable fit.
  • INSOLE COMFORT: Comfortable insole.
  • PULL STRAPS: Straps on boot liner tongue and rear make it easy to insert foot.
  • FULL THERMOFIT: Upper material of boot liner is thermoformable for a homogeneous fit.
  • Specs:

    • Flex: 80
    • Last: 103 mm
    • Buckles: Lady Buckles + adjustable catches

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