Henderson Waterproof Smart Phone Cell Suit

Henderson Waterproof Smart Phone Cell Suit
Product Details

The perfect accessory for any adventure you may endure whether you are diving, swimming or enjoy the beach, keep your phone protected and even use this waterproof cell suit from Henderson.


  • Waterproof and dustproof to a hermetic level
  • Foolproof and fumble-free automatic closure ensures a waterproof seal every time
  • Manipulate touch screens, buttons and switches directly and easily through the bag
  • Phone are fully functional through the bag, allowing for voice and audio without the need for a headphone or audio jack
  • Turn your existing camera into an underwater camera! High quality TPU (BPA-free) allows for clear shots every time
  • Magnetic closure will not interfere with solid state consumer electronics, credit cards, memory cards, hard drives, etc.
  • Dimensons: 4.4" x 6.4"
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