Elan Wildcat 82 CX Snow Skis


Normally: $600.00

Elan Wildcat 82 CX Snow Skis
Product Details
The Wildcat 82 CX is designed to reign supreme as a master of all mountain performance in all conditions and terrain. Exuding personality and energy anywhere on the mountain, the Wildcat 82 CX is dynamic anywhere you take it on the mountain. With every turn, the Amphibio Truline W Technology delivers stability which ultimately builds up your confidence to go faster and ski stronger. The lightweight laminated wood core enhanced with carbon rods (CX) from tip to tail optimize your input and transfers an output for an energized rebound and responsiveness.

  • Amphibio TruLine technology intregrates both rocker and camber profiles into dedicated right and left skis for.
  • SST Sidewall Construction provides quick, nimble and direct power transmission from ski to snow
  • Tubelite Woodcore
  • Carbon Rods

  • Sidecut (129/82/112)
  • Radius (158/12.0)
  • Recommended Bindings (ELW 11.0 GW Shift)
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