Gnu Women's B-Free Snowboard Binding - White


Normally: $300.00

Gnu Women's B-Free Snowboard Binding - White
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Gnu's unique speed entry binding system is the ultimate in performance, speed, ease and comfort. fits any snowboard boot. Set your bindings up once and one lever gets you in and out with amazing ease all season long. Enjoy more time riding and smiling and less time fiddiling and sitting. hit the pressure realease button in the lift line for max comfort and circulation as you float up to the top for another epic run... Unreal Bindings!


  • Reclining Highback-Rear Entry Advantage
  • Auto Open Ankle Strap
  • Auto Lever-Simplified Entry
  • Cable Redirection-Unimpeded Movement

  • All Terrain Freeride/Multi Entery
  • Responsive Aluminum Baseplate
  • Power Ankle Strap
  • Versatile Multi Entry
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