Seac Stand HD Socks - Black

Seac Stand HD Socks - Black
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Just the solution for using full-foot fins in cooler water conditions, these 2.5mm Standard Boots have an easy slip on design and provide a significant amount of thermal protection to sensitive feet while also helping to prevent chaffing. They can even be worn along with regular booties for additional warmth during cold water dives. These 1.5mm Boot are made from premium nylon 2 neoprene rubber. All seams are glued and sewn for strength and durability. Boots are black in color and available in multiple sizes.


  • Just the Solution for Using Full-Foot Fins
  • Great in Cooler Conditions
  • Easy Slip-On Design
  • Significant Amount of Thermal Protection
  • Premium Nylon 2 Neoprene Rubber
  • Seams: Glued and Sewn for Strength and Durability
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