Scott The 74 Pole - Black

Scott The 74 Pole - Black
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Scott invented a time machine. These Scott 74 Ski Poles are proof. Do they have killer retro design? Yes. Are they made of lightweight aluminum alloy with a powder basket? Also, yes. These poles have already proven their chops by travelling through time. Now, they are ready to take on whatever the mountains dish out. Be fearless and explore more with your time-travelling Scott 74 Ski Poles.


  • S3 Aluminum Alloy Shaft ? High-grade aluminum that is computer-engineered and manufactured 18mm Shaft diameter
  • P-Core Grip ? Injection-molded soft rubber increases your grip on the pole
  • FX 15 x 25 Strap ? 25mm Wide strap on the back of hand for additional support and comfort
  • 3.8 Disc Basket ? 80mm Wide basket for superior performance in powder
  • Ice Tip ? Diamond-shaped for unbeatable hold in extreme conditions
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