Superfeet Kork Custom Footbed


Normally: $150.00

Superfeet Kork Custom Footbed
Product Details
Superfeet's Custom Insoles are vacuum molded to your foot, creating a fully personalized fit for maximum carving control, support, and power transmission. They are fabricated specifically to the owner, providing ultimate comfort. Custom Made just for you by Neptune's professional Boot fitting staff
  • Our top of the line custom ski and snowboarding products, Kork gives you the ultimate personalized fit for maximum carving control, support and power transmission.
  • The Kork's full-length cork insole and 3/4 stabilizer cap fit best in rigid footwear. The cork 3/4 stabilizer cap gives customized rear-foot support and captures the foot's ideal functioning position.
  • The Adaptive Comfort top cover by Outlast provides temperature control all day.
  • Our Kork insole takes up to 60 minutes to fabricate.
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