A Plus Marine Snorkel Keeper

A Plus Marine Snorkel Keeper
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The most Simple-but-Functional Snorkel Keeper ever manufactured. This Double Loop Style Snorkel Keeper can be Adapted to Virtually any Snorkel if needed. Inexpensive (a few bucks and change) made from Durable PVC; you should have several in your Save-A-Dive Kit. Also can be used as an Octopus Holder in a pinch! Oh Yea! Your kids can dip them in soapy water and blow bubbles too!


  • Durable PVC Construction.
  • Adaptable to Almost All Snorkels.
  • Snorkel Keeper Keeps your Snorkel Neatly Attached to Mask Strap.
  • Great for a Spare or Replacement.
  • Doubles as Octopus Holder.
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item
  • Can-be-Used as a Bubble Blower!
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